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flowly for anxiety

Transition from a state of anxiety to a state of deep relaxation. Do it in beautiful VR worlds that also teach longterm skills for better nervous system control. 

Enter deep relaxation when you need it

Flowly utilizes studied techniques in Virtual Reality and biofeedback training to teach you how to transition your body from an anxious state of “fight-or-flight” mode to “rest-and-recovery” mode. 

Flowly sessions can be done just using the phone or in Virtual Reality (headset included with membership). Virtual Reality is a powerful medium because it can 1) immerse you in a safe, relaxing environment without you doing the heavy lifting of trying to visualize or focus 2) help you learn different therapeutic techniques faster.

Biofeedback training is at the heart of every Flowly session. This means we collect your real-time heart rate, show it to you, and then teach you how to control it. By learning to control your heart rate and heart rate variability, you can better control your nervous system which allows you to on command, shift your body from a state of anxiety to a state of deep relaxation. 

Flowly includes different environments designed for optimal relaxation. Every environment is designed by DreamWorks artists and tested by clinicians at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. As you improve with biofeedback training, different elements of each world will respond and grow with your heart and breathing. 

You can tap into your data portal to see your session heart rate graph, HRV scores, and more. 

The Science 

Flowly’s patented system and method are backed by the NIH and studied at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Southern California (USC).

Parasympathetic System

The nervous system plays a key role for most individuals with anxiety because anxiety can keep an individual at a near constant “fight-or-flight” mode. Flowly is designed to pare down an individual’s sympathetic tone and activate their parasympathetic system (“rest, digest, and recovery” mode). 


Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

This is a key metric for providing information on autonomic functioning. Flowly teaches an individual to increase HRV to gain better control over their autonomic functioning so they can on command, turn off their “fight-or-flight” mode and enter a state of relaxation. 


Paced Breathing

Paced breathing is a conscious way to affect unconscious systems like the autonomic nervous system. Flowly’s paced breathing exercises teaches an individual how to better affect their nervous system. 

"Flowly has an uncanny ability to reduce anxiety in a way that medications or therapy are unable to match. "

Can’t live without Flowly for my anxiety, PTSD and panic

Yes, if you’re like me, you’ve tried everything to control the overwhelming anxiety of daily living. I have been an avid meditator and found this to be much more effective during times when I was actively having a panic attack and also in preventing them.


Blend Of tech, science, and medical research at your fingers

Flowly uses multiple senses and areas of the brain to engage the subscriber in tasks that will help them to build life long skills to help cope with chronic pain, or other distressing disorders like anxiety or panic attacks with less medicine. 

- TinyTiger58

Helped my stress headache go away

I get headaches and migraines regularly and for various reasons. I felt one coming on and opened flowly to the breathing training intro video and by the end of the video my headache was gone. I’m super impressed and highly recommend this app!

- tealfire

What flowly members have to say

"My experience with Flowly has been almost life-changing. It really has made a difference in even my feeling every day."

- Margaret

"I have more control over my anxiety and my trauma triggers. And I've had less symptoms due to my IBS and leaky gut syndrome."

- Nicole

experience relaxation

Subscription pricing begins at $15/month and all subscriptions include a Kit. 

Step 1

Receive your free VR headset and Biosensor, compatible with your Flowly iOS app.


Step 2

Enter our patented VR experiences to train your nervous system to relax.


Step 3

Measure your progress through data insights in your Flowly app.

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