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flowly for pain

Flowly is backed by the NIH and studied by UPMC and USC

as an opioid-sparing pain management device. 
Discover how VR and biofeedback can shift you from

pain state to deep relaxation. 

Move From Pain State to Flow State

Flowly utilizes studied techniques in Virtual Reality and biofeedback training to teach you how to transition your body from pain state to flow state: a state of deep relaxation and focus. 

Flowly sessions can be done just using the phone or in Virtual Reality (headset included with membership). Virtual Reality is a powerful medium for pain management because it can 1) distract you from ongoing flare-ups or discomfort and 2) increase the speed and efficiency of learning how to better control your nervous system.

Biofeedback training is at the heart of every Flowly session. This means we collect your real-time heart rate, show it to you, and then teach you how to control it. By learning to control your heart rate and heart rate variability, you can better control your nervous system which allows you to on command, shift your body from pain state to deep relaxation. 

Flowly includes different environments designed for optimal relaxation. Every environment is designed by DreamWorks artists and tested by clinicians at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. As you improve with biofeedback training, different elements of each world will respond and grow with your heart and breathing. 

You can tap into your data portal to see your session heart rate graph, HRV scores, and more. 

The Science 

Flowly’s patented system and method are backed by the NIH and studied at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Southern California (USC).

Parasympathetic System

The nervous system plays a key role for most chronic pain conditions, especially neuropathic pain. Flowly employs studied techniques to teach an individual to pare down their sympathetic tone and activate their parasympathetic system (“rest, digest, and recovery” mode). 


Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

This is a key metric for providing information on autonomic functioning. Flowly teaches an individual to increase HRV to gain better control over their autonomic function so they can, on command, turn off their “fight-or-flight” mode and enter a state of relaxation. 


Paced Breathing

Studies show chronic pain patients have a potential for decreased vagal activity and autonomic dysfunction. Flowly’s paced breathing guides enhance vagal activity to improve pain modulation. 

Research White Paper:

Benefits of Virtual Reality Biofeedback for Pain Management

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"Flowly will build strong neural pathways that will make it easier to access the response of comfort."

Helps my anxiety attacks AND my chronic pain

I’m 37. I’ve been medically disabled since 2017 and living with chronic nerve pain due to spinal cord crush injury. Flowly can take my pain down several levels because it helps me relax and let go of the tension that’s been building. My breathing is better when doing my rehabilitative workouts.

- Nerdzilla138

Flowly actually shows you how your body improves over time.

I have back problems and hard time sleeping. I do this in bed before I sleep and I sleep through the night no problem. And I get to see how my heart rate changes as I learned to breathe better, and I’ve really seen a difference in my body and how I feel.

- Tomh5828

If you are living with a chronic illness, flowly will exceed expectations

I've been to so many pain doctors who act like chronic pain is a moral failing. Flowly not only does not do that, but also helps foster community and gives strategies to deal with pain and to access your inner healer. Flowly is accessible to me even when I am having brain fog. 

- mw6589

What flowly members have to say

"My medication usually get my pain down to about between 0-2, which is exactly where the VR treatment get me also."

- Gabriella

"I felt like my pain, everything was controlling me. Now I am finally in the driver’s seat to where I can guide my life in the direction I need it to go."

- Dr. Jennifer Jones

experience relaxation

Subscription pricing begins at $15/month and all subscriptions include a Kit. 

Step 1

Receive your free VR headset and Biosensor, compatible with your Flowly iOS app.


Step 2

Enter our patented VR experiences to train your nervous system to relax.


Step 3

Measure your progress through data insights in your Flowly app.

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