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Science-backed approach to
turning off pain and anxiety

developed and studied by experts at leading medical institutions

Our clinical studies are backed by the NIH and National Institute of Drug Abuse, and we are partnered with UPMC and USC.


Dr. Gale Lucas

Research Professor at the University of Southern California (USC)


Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD, MBA

Chair of Perioperative Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)


Pierre-Etienne Vannier, MSc

Mind-Body Practitioner

Program Development Specialist

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By being able to see your heart rate and breathing, you can learn to make changes in your body to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, and in some cases, even increase sleep and focus.


- US Pain Foundation

how flowly works:

Step 1

Receive your free VR headset and Biosensor, compatible with your Flowly iOS app.


Step 2

Enter our patented VR experiences to train your nervous system to relax.


Step 3

Measure your progress through data insights in your Flowly app.


"It's almost as if someone is turning down the ‘volume’ on my sharpest pain."

Designed and developed with doctors, trauma specialists, and psychologists to provide a comprehensive (physical, psychological, and social) approach to pain relief. 

Real member reviews


Reduce anxiety

"It has the ability to reduce anxiety in a way that medication or therapy are unable to match."

– Nick


Immediate pain relief

"Finished my first 'world' session and immediately felt some pain relief in my arms and hands."

– Jeff


Take control of your pain

"Flowly is re-training my brain to escape these states of panic."

– Heather

flowly membership

Subscription pricing begins at $15/month and all subscriptions include a Kit. 

Receive Flowly Kit (included) 

Receive a Virtual Reality headset and Biosensor compatible with your Flowly iOS app. Every Flowly experience takes place in a different, beautiful VR world. In the VR world, you will see how your body is doing (on graphs), and then learn through the experience how to regulate and manage your own nervous system to better manage pain, anxiety, sleep, and even focus.

Track Personalized Analytics

Visualize and measure how your body is doing with every Flowly session. Your personalized data portal in our Flowly iPhone app can give you analytics on your progress over time.

Access Support

Call or text our Health Coach line for support with the program and questions on technical set-up. You’ll also be invited to join a restricted, safe in-app community for our growing Flowly membership.



Flowly’s patented system and method has been the subject of case studies and NIH-backed controlled clinical trials at UPMC and USC.

Better Sleep

Flowly study participants and members report ‘better sleep’ as one of their top results from the program.

Decreased Pain

Case study participants reported an avg. 46% decrease in pain after each Flowly session.

Increased Relaxation

Flowly members report an average 33% increase in relaxation after each Flowly session.


pain sucks...

I grew up around pancreatic cancer patients, the majority of whom are in incredible pain. After working with interactive technologies at DreamWorks, I started Flowly to use immersive technologies like Biofeedback and VR (which were originally developed for therapy) to develop a tool for people who suffered from pain. We hope Flowly can not only address physical pain, but also the anxiety, depression and social isolation that accompanies it.

- Celine, CEO and Co-founder 

  • What is the difference between Basic and Pro
    Basic: Do all biofeedback sessions on your phone, using your phone's camera as a heart rate sensor. Get access to our in-app community and rewards program as well. Pro: Everything in basic as well as a Flowly kit shipped to you at no additional cost. The Flowly kit comes with a VR headset and Bluetooth heart rate sensor so you can do all sessions immersed in Virtual Reality. Pro also has access to the data portal to track session metrics and progress over time.
  • How does shipping work for Pro?
    Your kit will ship within 1-2 days via USPS. You will receive an email with a tracking number when it has shipped. Shipments usually take 3-4 business days.
  • Do I have to return the kit if I cancel?
    The kit is yours to keep! If you subscribed to Pro through the Pro trial, however, you can return the kit in great condition to receive your $50 deposit back. To request a return label. Please email us at
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