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flowly reviews

See what our members and the media are saying about flowly

what flowly members have to say

"I have back problems and hard time sleeping. I get to see how my heart rate changes as I learned to breathe better, and I’ve really seen a difference in my body and how I feel. The things you learn in the app you take with you to your life outside of it."


Flowly member

"As a counselor and a trauma informed professional I was aware of the scientific evidence supporting this program. For the first time I feel I have control over my anxiety and my responses to trauma triggers. I find it to be a great 15 minute escape from reality where I feel safe and calm."


Flowly member

"I’m 37. I’ve been medically disabled since 2017 and living with chronic nerve pain. I have generalized anxiety and C-PTSD. Flowly can take my pain down several levels because it helps me relax and let go of the tension that’s been building. My breathing is better when doing my rehabilitative workouts."


Flowly member

"Now I am finally in the driver’s seat to where I can guide my life in the direction I need it to go."


- Dr. Jennifer Jones

user testimonial

"Flowly sessions really set the tone for a good night's sleep and allow me to relax into the end of the day."

- Anna

"I've been getting about 5% more deep sleep than I was prior to Flowly and that's after only 2 weeks of consistent use."

- Andy

"My medication usually get my pain down to about between 0-2, which is exactly where the VR treatment get me also."

- Gabriella

"After I finished my Flowly session, I just feel so relaxed, just like basically don't think about my pain anymore."

- Yasmin

flowly in the press

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"By being able to see your heart rate and breathing, you can learn to make changes in your body to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, and in some cases, even increase sleep and focus."

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"Once, people hoping to try biofeedback might need to see a doctor in person; now, biofeedback apps including Flowly […] have helped people manage pain and anxiety from the convenience of their phones.”


"The Flowly app allows users to go into a calming VR environment — the beach, somewhere beneath the Aurora lights — while a sensor collects real-time bio data, like their heart rate. Another benefit of Flowly is that it answers the concern of accessibility."

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