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Why Chronic Pain Is Misunderstood

artwork by Rebekah Kamemoto

If you’ve lived with chronic pain, you’ve probably heard many phrases from people who are trying to offer methods of chronic pain relief that don’t remotely reach your symptoms in the way you need.


Phrases such as,

  • Just take pain meds, you’ll be fine

  • Why can’t you come out tonight? It’s not like you have a real illness!

  • I tried yoga, works for me, should work for you!

  • Do you have trouble focusing? They have meds for that too.

  • Change your attitude and think positive!

  • Here’s another pill to try. That didn’t work? Here’s another one.


The pain of being misunderstood often weighs equal to the physical pain you may be experiencing, but you are not alone. Researchers are only scratching the surface on how the invalidation of pain directly relates to the recovery process and the ability to maintain relationships while trying to find ways of managing chronic pain.

While well meaning people we care about are often offering advice, it truly comes down to understanding your own body and what you need on a day to day basis. There is not a formula for managing chronic pain, but there are ways that can lead to a new normal that feels good for you.


Why People Misunderstand Chronic Pain


The simple answer is that everyone experiences pain differently, but it doesn’t make your chronic pain any less valid. Partners For Understanding Pain revealed in a survey that chronic pain is misunderstood by most people and is perceived to be something that only the age demographic of people 65 and older experience.

In reality, those who typically suffer from pain are between the ages of 24 and 64. Many of those seek countless specialists that shrug off pain issues because of their age and lack of previous acute or chronic medical conditions.

It isn’t just an issue within the healthcare system, it also is a reflection of public knowledge and much-needed research for patients who experience chronic pain on a daily basis.


Finding Chronic Pain Relief


If you are looking for chronic pain relief, chances are you’ve tried many methods before. At Flowly, our intention is to help manage and find relief methods for people just like you. Whether you’ve seen countless specialists, or are just beginning to understand what it is like to live with chronic pain, you are not alone.


Featured Artwork by Rebekah Kamemoto



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